The spring of 2024 will see the release of “Ambra e Corallo”, Edoardo Florio Di Grazia’s first album, produced by Comet Records, 9 songs about journeys, a small collection of stories found in the deep and mythological Mediterranean Sea.

Like bottles in the sea, these songs belong to no one and are timeless, messages whispering us the dream of a new path to explore. The story of his first album, “Ambra e Corallo” has the flavor of a novel, the aftertaste of a contemporary fairy tale.

Along with his debut album release, Edoardo written “Italia Express” a podcast produced by Radiooooo. ( It is a journey in five stages through the main Italian cities (Naples, Rome, Bologna, Milan, and Genoa) to discover music and history, from the post-war period to today.

Towards the noble quest for the “golden hour” by Fratellacci, the cinematic charm of I Saw, the fiery fable of There’s a Room for You, the miraculous mirror of I Apologize, the lemony sweetness of Amalfi Coast and the subtle sensuality of I Forget. And still, ready to deliver profound emotions, the enchanting sea of Blue Sea, a White Rose suspended between fireflies and gardens, the art of urban Kintsugi from Fourth Sunday.

An old building on the Amalfi coast built by his grandfather, the ideal place to start recording sessions with his studio mate Niccolo Fornabaio, musician producer for Italian artists like Vinicio Capossela, Vasco Brondi, accompanied by Marzouk Mejri, a Tunisian percussionist living in Naples. The journey continues to Brescia with the complicity of Armand Penicaut (Papooz) in Alessandro “Asso” Stefana’s studio, musician for PJ Harvey, Calexico.

The tribe thickens with the Parisian stopover and collaborations with the singers Victoria Lafaurie from Polo & Pan and Julia Johansen from Oracle Sisters, Spanish guitarist Victor Herrero, the oceanic artist Alexia Reveleau, Giacomo Lecchi D’Alessandro (Feste Antonacci), keyboardist Vincent Taurelle (Air, Tony Allen) and the brilliant drummer Vincent Taeger (Tiger Tigre). Last stop with this return to Naples, the photographic setting is prepared by Sam Gregg, a Neapolitan London-based photographer, lover of the city’s forbidden snapshots, who takes all the album’s photographs.

His songs travel through the eyes of others: “I am a tightrope walker, not by choice but by necessity. Poorly solitary and wonderfully shared.”He sails without seeking a port, stripping himself of even the idea of turning back. Nomad, with no shelter to take refuge in.

He finds in a statement by Federico Fellini the perfect definition of his own state of mind: “Don’t tell me what I am doing, because I do not want to know”. Welcome aboard, the crossing promises to be exciting.

Track Listing

A1C’è un stanza per te
A2Chiedo Scusa
A3J’ai Vu
B3Rose Bianche
B4Quarta Domenica
B5Mare Blu

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