“Indossare Il Mare” is a song about coming back to one’s roots as Edoardo says: “The day I left my house in Florence, as a farewell gift, I received a compass engraved with the sentence: the country that is nowhere to be found is my true homeland”.

This sentence accompanied me in my journey and in the writing of this song, because home is not a physical place but a scent, the path of a quest, a journey… My new home is my soul”.

“And it is this journey that led me to collaborate with afro disco explorers Voilaaa, who generate beats capable of making us dance through this Mediterranean journey”.

The video and the photos were shot in the streets of Naples by “Napoletano-Londoner” photographer Sam Gregg.


Track Listing

01Indossare Il Mare
02Indossare Il Mare Edit
03Indossare Il Mare Remix by Giacomo Lecchi D’Alessandro

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