Clearly representing the future of African Beat, Donso reflects the global nature of music, and proves that there is still much ground to be explored within the world of music.

New “Space Goni” with 2 instrumental tracks :

1. Space Goni: Haunting and devastating, that’s the best way to describe this spacey instrumental track, featuring the Donso N’Goni, guitars and acid bass lines. It takes you to an african journey no one has taken you before.

2. Juru: An another instrumental, that starts as an almost classic afro-house track, but slightly shifts into some psychedelic transe featuring guitars and Fender Rhodes. The type that will melt your brain.

Finding the ideal balance between the traditional sounds of African Beat, yet giving them a modern spin like nothing else, Donso is sure to blow the minds of music fans across all genres and cultures.

Regardless of the genres that the group fuses together, the results are consistently fantastic, as they quickly make it clear that the African Beat sound can be seamlessly injected into any other style and yield extraordinary results. This ability to beautifully, seamlessly blend old and new is a rare talent, yet Donso proves that the musicians in this group overflow with this skill.

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